#CUISBEAUTIFUL: photos taken by Itseme Akede.

Kelechi take on my photos .

Kelechi Ochulo

Itseme is a very dear friend who loves to write. Other times when she’s not writing or in school, she designs clothing and takes pictures.

Her attraction to nature is probably what sets her apart as a photographer. She has an eye for beautiful landscapes.

What I love most about these photos, is the clarity of the images and overall feeling they provoke.

I hope she is found by some NatGeo-resque magazine or at least wins the CUisbeautuful competition.

Is it because I am biassed towards nature? Or because she my friend? It’s more than that.

I hope so because she is diligent, humble and deserving of every good that’ll come her way as a result of her craft!


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Christmas !

Make known among the nations what He has done.
A wonder – filled life is ours when we know the Christ of Christmas.
Christmas is not just about the celebrations. Its more than the parties and the presents. Many a times, we forget the true reason for Christmas. We forget that it is the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was born to die for our sins, die to wash away our iniquities.


Today, let’s sit down and reflect on the joy of Christmas, the real reason for it. There ain’t no Christmas without Christ !
Jesus is the reason for the season.
Wishing all my readers a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. God’s blessings xx 🎄 🎄


When reality finally hits you.

A lot has happened since I last posted, I got into college , learnt a lot etc.
I’ve been going through a close friends blog for some time and it got me thinking . I had no inkling in me that this boy could write this well , and here he is updating weekly on all sorts of topics that touch home , and I finally realized , this is what I should do , this is what i’m supposed to do , I am a writer , even before I was born , this is what I was destined to do , and yet , I’m so far behind in it , due to so many every day activities , but this boy , this Mr know it all has opened my eyes to realize that no matter how little time you have , always make time for the things you love.
So thank you @kelechiochulo.wordpress.com for making me remember what a joy it is to write . Thank you @cerptsofaqueensthoughts.wordpress.com for living both our dreams while i was away . Thank you TK for always believing in me , no matter what.
This is to writing more and doing what I love .
Cheers x


Thoughts from a Third Born

It’s a bumpy ride when it comes to you.
Some days smooth, other days not.
The love/hate thing is definitely getting old
But the feeling still stays like an unwanted itchy scar
It was never that deep I thought, neither was it ever that shallow.
I keep searching for the words to describe the way I feel
But nothing quite fits the bill
You make me so uneasy and self-conscious
But still I crave your attention and your looks

I want to be dead to you so I know there is nothing there
But a bitch called Hope, won’t just shut up in my head
I don’t know what I want from you, cause you have nothing to offer

I don’t know why you are still in my head
I keep trying to say goodbye but it’s like a song on repeat.

I want to be over you, truly I…

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‘Hello my name is OMA and I am a People Pleaser!’

Teacher don't teach me nonsense!

I use the phrase ‘People Pleaser’ when really the phrase I want to use is ‘Push Over’. Or the sentence which more aptly describes me is ‘Someone who would much rather displease herself so that she can please others, who would bite her tongue when she feels insulted than confront the offensive person, and who would bend over backwards, sideways and might wrap herself into a ball and roll down a dusty hill in the cold harmattan morning because she is afraid to make others uncomfortable.’

That is a grim picture. But that was me. And I didn’t realise just how low I had sunk till the tail end of 2014.I was in a situation where I cried for 4 hours over skype to a close friend over a new friend who had a habit of talking down to me, putting me down or finding faults in what I did…

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