‘Hello my name is OMA and I am a People Pleaser!’

Teacher don't teach me nonsense!

I use the phrase ‘People Pleaser’ when really the phrase I want to use is ‘Push Over’. Or the sentence which more aptly describes me is ‘Someone who would much rather displease herself so that she can please others, who would bite her tongue when she feels insulted than confront the offensive person, and who would bend over backwards, sideways and might wrap herself into a ball and roll down a dusty hill in the cold harmattan morning because she is afraid to make others uncomfortable.’

That is a grim picture. But that was me. And I didn’t realise just how low I had sunk till the tail end of 2014.I was in a situation where I cried for 4 hours over skype to a close friend over a new friend who had a habit of talking down to me, putting me down or finding faults in what I did…

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