Thoughts from a Third Born

It’s a bumpy ride when it comes to you.
Some days smooth, other days not.
The love/hate thing is definitely getting old
But the feeling still stays like an unwanted itchy scar
It was never that deep I thought, neither was it ever that shallow.
I keep searching for the words to describe the way I feel
But nothing quite fits the bill
You make me so uneasy and self-conscious
But still I crave your attention and your looks

I want to be dead to you so I know there is nothing there
But a bitch called Hope, won’t just shut up in my head
I don’t know what I want from you, cause you have nothing to offer

I don’t know why you are still in my head
I keep trying to say goodbye but it’s like a song on repeat.

I want to be over you, truly I…

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