When reality finally hits you.

A lot has happened since I last posted, I got into college , learnt a lot etc.
I’ve been going through a close friends blog for some time and it got me thinking . I had no inkling in me that this boy could write this well , and here he is updating weekly on all sorts of topics that touch home , and I finally realized , this is what I should do , this is what i’m supposed to do , I am a writer , even before I was born , this is what I was destined to do , and yet , I’m so far behind in it , due to so many every day activities , but this boy , this Mr know it all has opened my eyes to realize that no matter how little time you have , always make time for the things you love.
So thank you @kelechiochulo.wordpress.com for making me remember what a joy it is to write . Thank you @cerptsofaqueensthoughts.wordpress.com for living both our dreams while i was away . Thank you TK for always believing in me , no matter what.
This is to writing more and doing what I love .
Cheers x


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